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Hola, amigas!
We are having company for dinner… a Mexican themed dinner… and amuy competitivo  game of Mexican Train dominoes!

To end the meal, I have a very yummy dessert planned.  Muy delicioso… creamy custard, caramel and Kahlua…

Mexican Train Flan With Kahlua

Flan is a beautiful baked custard with a sugary sweet caramel sauce built in!

I love flan, but had never made it myself. I always thought it was a little intimidating. I checked out a few recipes on line and finally deferred to my favorite go-to expert… Martha Stewart ( my other favs are Ina Garten and Julia Child).

Flan is actually quite easy and rewarding! Although none of the techniques to make flan were new to me I opted to watch the video on Martha’s recipe site… and picked up some great tips! To see the recipe and a…

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