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We Take The Cake Key Lime Bundt Cake

 I will be the first to confess Key Lime was not a favorite flavor of mine until We Take The Cake’s Key Lime Bundt Cake arrived. Simply opening the stylish packaging began a whole series of surprises. 

The enclosed instructions start out…” Yum, Yum, Yum”.  I tried a piece and they were right, the harmony of tangy citrus started happening.  I discovered something; I like Key Lime, at least I like We Take The Cake’s Key Lime Bundt Cake.   The pound cake texture was silky and the strong key lime flavor was evenly dispersed thought out the cake.  The cream cheese frosting was not sweet, and added a nice balance to the lime sherbet taste of the cake. 

Overall, We Take The Cake’s Key Lime Bundt Cake impressed me, both in flavor and texture.   To be perfectly honest cutting the plastic wrapping off the cake and frosting package was the most challenging part, the rest of the experience was a pure delight.


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